At Dr. Diane Fennell Audiology we  are pleased to offer you the following specialized services.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations and Professional Interpretation

The start of an excellent hearing aid fitting is a thorough and accurate hearing test. We take the time and have the latest equipment to properly assess your needs. The results of your hearing test will be clearly explained and referrals will be made whenever appropriate to ensure you receive the care you require.

Hearing Aid Selection

Following a thorough discussion of your individual listening needs, a hearing aid recommendation will be offered.  We are an independent, privately owned practice and choose from a variety of manufacturers to meet your needs.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once a product has been agreed upon, an appointment will be arranged for the fitting where you will learn how to use and care for the hearing aid and learn all about its features. There is a minimum one month trial period with your new hearing aids.


We are here to address your questions and listen to your concerns. While hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to normal, we will work with you to find the best possible solution to your unique hearing challenges.

We believe in focusing all of our energy and attention on these and only these important procedures.

It is our mission to provide you
with exceptional care and outstanding value