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About Lynsey

I came to Canada in 2009 after embarking on a new career as an Audiologist in public, private and military hospitals across the UK. I had previously worked for the UK’s Ministry of Defence, living and working on a Naval Base, then later working in a private defence manufacturing company. After learning British Sign Language became interested in hearing loss and so applied to go back to university to become an Audiologist.


I registered as a Hearing Aid Practitioner when I arrived in Canada in 2009, as my plans were to come to here for just one year. But like so many other people I quickly realized this was the greatest country in the world, and the snow seemed quite exciting to me in year one! I proudly became a Canadian in early 2020. In Canada I have been fortunate to be able to enjoy a varied career, managing private clinics, working as a product trainer and sales representative in manufacturing, as well as working in our province’s non-profit organization Deaf and Hear Alberta. I enjoy helping people hear better. It’s that simple.


In my spare time I keep several people at Home Depot employed through my enjoyment of gardening and constantly finding a new home renovation project to keep me out of trouble. When Calgary’s Workshop Theatre put on a play which requires me to put my British accent to use I’m there as I haven’t yet mastered a Canadian one which could pass as “legit”. I’m a big fan of dogs. All dogs. I go crazy for them. I’m especially fond of dogs with human names like Bruce and I’m still holding out to get a Golden Retriever of my own one day. I also have my own art website which I urge you to check out if you want to have something positive to smile about.

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