Hearing Aid Styles

Receiver in Canal

Suitable for mild to severe losses, RIC aids have the receiver built into the eartip instead of behind the ear.

Invisible In The Canal

Suitable for first-time and experienced users with a mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, who are looking for the ultimate discreet hearing solution. This style sits deeply within the ear canal offering a very comfortable and discreet hearing solution.

Behind the Ear

Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. Available in both thin tube and hook solution, this style rests behind the ear and transmits sound to the ear via a tube. This style is often accompanied by custom earmolds and offers the greatest power solution when required.

In The Ear

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This style fills the outer ear and is often chosen when more power is required for a person’s hearing loss. It can also be a good selection when finger dexterity makes it too difficult to manipulate or insert other styles.

Completely In The Canal

Suitable for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. This tiny custom style rests deep in the ear canal offering very good cosmetics and comfort.


Used for unilateral hearing loss (CROS), or for hearing losses in which the loss in one ear is significantly greater than the other (BI-CROS). Specifically, these are used when one of the ears cannot benefit from a hearing aid.
A microphone is placed on the poorer ear and the signal is then routed to a hearing aid on the better ear. This provides sound from the “dead” or unusable side.

WCB, AADL, DVA Accepted