At Dr. Diane Fennell Audiology we are pleased to offer you the following specialized services.

Hearing Evaluations

The start of an excellent hearing aid fitting begins with a thorough and accurate hearing test. We reserve a 90-minute appointment to assess your hearing and discuss a management plan that you are comfortable with. We take the time to properly assess your needs and budget. Family members are encouraged to attend the appointment so that everyone is engaged in the decision-making process. The results of your hearing test will be clearly explained and referrals to other professionals made whenever appropriate to ensure you receive the care you require. Additionally, we send the results to your family doctor. 

You will be able to look into your ear canals as we use a specialized camera to visualize the structures of the canal and eardrum. We do testing with speech in quiet and noise to simulate hearing performance in the ‘real world’. We also do hearing assessments for the workplace.


Hearing Aid Selection

Following the hearing test, we will have time for a thoughtful discussion of your lifestyle needs and which hearing aid features may best enhance your quality of life. We are an independent, privately owned practice and choose from a variety of manufacturers. Your hearing aids will be a reflection of your lifestyle.


Hearing Aid Fitting

Once a product has been agreed upon, an appointment will be arranged for the fitting of your new hearing aids. At our clinic, we encourage you to take advantage of our free hearing aid trial period. You may decide to initially try our sample aids to evaluate the benefit of hearing aids without any obligation. We will ensure you are comfortable using and caring for the aids and understand the features. During the trial period we see you several times to provide support, answer questions and adjust the hearing aids to your satisfaction.



We are here to answer all of your questions and keep your hearing aids in top working order. While hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to normal, we will work with you and your family to find the best possible solution to your unique hearing challenges.

It is our mission to provide you with exceptional hearing care and outstanding service

WCB, AADL, DVA Accepted